Snow Blind


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With the holidays over and the long cold winter looming, January can be a bleak month in Minneapolis. So what better way to bring a little cheer to the good people of the city than sponsoring an old-fashioned snowman-building contest? In a matter of hours, a local park is filled with the innocent laughter of children and their frosty creations. But things take an awful turn when the dead bodies of police officers are discovered inside two of the snowmen – sending the entire department and Detectives Magozzi and Rolseth on high alert.

The next day, Iris Rikker, the newly minted sheriff of rural Dundas County, comes across another body in another snowman. Fearing that Rikker’s inexperience will hamper the investigation, Magozzi and Rolseth head north, in a blizzard, to hunt for clues. As Grace MacBride and her crack computer jocks at Monkeewrench comb the Web for connections, a terrifying link emerges among the dead cops, Magozzi and Rolseth, and Monkeewrench – a link that must be broken before it’s too late.


“The mother-daughter team of Patricia J. and Traci Lambrecht, who write this genial series, crack wise jokes (Gino snickers about another cop, ‘She’s probably at home right now watching reruns of NYPD Bluetrying to figure out what…she’s supposed to do next’), and the authors have another icicle-sharp plot.”

-Entertainment Weekly


“…An engaging puzzle with a vigilante twist…gripping and original set-up for the next Monkeewrenchvolume.”


“The dynamite Tracy team is in a category all their own with their ability to produce terrifying and thought-provoking suspense while delivering humor and quirky characters.  Their latest tackles one of society’s toughest issues — asking hard questions and setting up tragic scenarios where no one is a winner.  As this series expands, the rapport between characters and the highly intriguing plots make it one worth reading and rereading.”

-Romantic Times