Snow Blind – Behind the Writing

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We believe a fiction writer’s primary responsibility is to entertain, and what could be more entertaining than packing a few dead bodies into snowmen? Actually, neither one of us can remember exactly who came up with that macabre idea, and, even if we did, we doubt either one of us would cop to it!

But we also believe a fiction writer has a rare opportunity to reach out to a large audience, and with that opportunity comes another responsibility: to ask questions and to hopefully open up a dialogue about some of the troubling issues we all face today.

Domestic violence is something of a silent epidemic, and not just in America. It touches the lives of women all over the world – the statistics are shocking – and ultimately, the criminal justice system affords very little protection. It’s a complicated issue, and we don’t claim to have the answers, but it was definitely something we felt merited exploration. One of our favorite questions to ask is: “What if…?,” and so we did just that in SNOW BLIND. What if victims banded together and created a safe community, and stopped at nothing to protect their own? What would our detectives, Magozzi and Gino, think about a women’s town that requires all men – including cops – to have an armed female escort with them at all times for the residents’ protection? And would the Monkeewrench gang – all victims in their own right – come out on the right side of the law when the chips were down? Topics like this rarely have a cut-and-dried, black and white answer. And that’s good for us because more than anything, we love looking at all of life’s gray areas.

– PJ & Traci