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Haunted by a series of horrifying and violent episodes in their past, Grace MacBride and the oddball crew of her software company, Monkeewrench, create a computer game where the killer is always caught, where the good guys always win. But their game becomes a nightmare when someone starts duplicating the fictional murders in real life, down to the last detail. By the time the police learn of the connection between the murders and the game, three people are dead, and the game is just beginning.

“A sizzling thriller…a killer read in every way…with its menacing suspense, snappy dialogue, and techno edge…Thriller fans will go ape.”

-People (Critic’s Choice)

“Fits neatly into the niche between The Matrix and The Game.”

-The Hollywood Reporter

“A soundly plotted thriller that fires on all cylinders…Tracy covers all the bases in this debut thriller: an accelerating, unpredictable plot that combines police procedural with technogeek-speak, an array of well-drawn characters, and, most important, witty repartee.”

-Publishers Weekly (starred review)