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COLD KILL (U.K. EDITION TITLE)                          

The peaceful Christmas season in Minneapolis is shattered when two friends, scheduled to meet in person for the first time, are murdered on the same night, two hours and several miles apart, dramatically concluding winter vacation for homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth.

An hour north of Minneapolis, Lydia Ascher comes home to find two dead men in her basement.  When Leo and Gino discover her connection to their current cases, they suspect that she is a target, too.  The same day, an elderly, terminally ill man is kidnapped from his home, an Alzheimer’s patient goes missing from his care facility, and a baffling link among all the crimes emerges.

This series of inexplicable events sends the detectives sixty years into the past to search for answers – and straight to Grace MacBride’s Monkeewrench, a group of eccentric computer geniuses who devote their time and resources to helping the cops solve the unsolvable.  What they find is an unimaginable horror – a dormant Armageddon that might be activated at any moment unless Grace and her partners Annie, Roadrunner, and Harley Davidson, along with Leo and Gino, can find a way to stop it.










Off The Grid (US) / Two Evils(UK)
On a sailboat ten miles off the Florida coast, Grace MacBride, partner in Monkeewrench Software, thwarts an assassination attempt on retired FBI agent John Smith. A few hours later, in Minneapolis, a fifteen-year-old girl is discovered in a vacant lot, her throat slashed. Later that day, two young men are found in their home a few blocks away, killed execution-style. The next morning, the dead bodies of three more men turn up, savagely murdered in the same neighborhood.

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Shoot to Thrill (US) / Play to Kill (UK) 
Grace McBride’s Monkeewrench crew has been recruited by the FBI to investigate a series of murder videos posted on the Web. Using their skills to scour the Net in search of the perpetrator, the team must race against the clock to stop a killer in his tracks.

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Snow Blind
 “…An engaging puzzle with a vigilante twist…gripping and original set-up for the next Monkeewrenchvolume.”


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Dead Run 
“[A] winner…The courage and indomitable spirit of the plucky trio will win readers over as they speed through the final pages of the race-against-the-clock ending.”

-Publishers Weekly

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Live Bait
“Another winner…With generous doses of humor and suspense, this sharp, satisfying thriller will rivet readers from the start.”

-Publishers Weekly

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“A sizzling thriller…a killer read in every way…with its menacing suspense, snappy dialogue, and techno edge…Thriller fans will go ape.”

-People (Critic’s Choice)

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